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Join us for our first meeting of 2023 at the Parkside Centre on January 29th at 2 pm, featuring our guest speaker
OLIVIA BAUDET - Growing and Caring for Houseplants

Originally from the South of France, Olivia Baudet completed her baccalaureate in Agronomy and Life Sciences, and had the opportunity to learn a lot, especially about viticulture and the management of invasive species in natural parks.
In 2017, she moved to Sudbury to Study Forestry, Fish and Wildlife technology, which allowed her to acquire knowledge and experience related to various branches of biodiversity (entomology, taxonomy, soil analyses…).She worked in the College Boreal greenhouse and fish hatchery throughout her studies,
growing trees, indigenous medicinal plants and many other plants, as well as raising whitefish. Since 2021, she has been working atthe College as A Research Technologist in Biodiversity and environmental research. 

Apart from research projects, she also participated in the growth
of vegetables (harvest was donated to foodbank), the production
of house plants that College Boreal students had the chance to
sell at the market this summer, and hydroponic cultivation of microgreens (arugula and spinach).Her next goal is to introduce horticulture into college Boreal’s greenhouse!

Winter is here, only trees and shrubs are left outside to survive,
while the majority of plants are patiently waiting for spring to
amaze us. Thankfully, houseplants are here to warm our hearts
and keep our houses green and comforting during the white
season.  In this presentation, you will learn about a few
houseplants grown in College Boreal’s greenhouse, and how
to care for those plants.

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